Bikeability is the national standard for cycle training in the UK. It is a progressive training package, offering the skills and experience to ride safely on todays’ roads.

Our friendly team of qualified instructors deliver Bikeability Levels 1, 2 and 3 to children and adults in South Shropshire, North Worcestershire and Herefordshire.


We also offer the PLUS options of Familty, Learn to ride, and Balanceability.

  • School or groups - Please get in touch if you are interested.
  • Family Cycling Lessons are also available  - Please get in touch to chat about what you need.
  • Private tuition - need to build confidence with road riding - we can help.

We love being on two wheels and want to share this passion. On-road or off-road, learning to ride, balance bikes, or building skills and confidence. We have coaching and activities for all.

We run Free guided rides,  Dr Bike fix It sessions,  Basic maintenance skills sessions.

We enjoy being off-road and muddy and we can take your cycling from the tarmac to the bumps, jumps and berms with night rides, guided rides and coaching sessions.

If you are looking to become a mountain bike instructor then we have the course for you with a MIAS L1/2 instructors award.