Black Dog Adventures CIC can support schools through the  COVID recovery period in 3 main ways:

1. Offer schools access to quality-assured resources and CPD to help them develop, deliver, and evaluate their own programmes of learning beyond the classroom, whether at school or at home.

2. Offer schools support from independent, skilled professionals to help identify high quality support and resources most appropriate to meet their needs, and to accompany them (if needed) as they take their learning outside.

3. Help schools learn from each other by sharing their experiences of planning, delivering and evaluating their adapted, learning beyond the classroom practice.

Dr Anne Hunt, chief executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, said: “Children and young people are dealing with high levels of disruption, uncertainty and a lack of physical connection with their friends and with the natural world and the inequalities are widening. There are few so well-evidenced interventions that offer – with almost universal availability and at very low cost – the immediate opportunity to make such a big difference to so many children and young people. With government encouraging time outdoors as part of our recovery strategies, now is the time to take learning outside the classroom.’’

Martin Smith, chair of the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel, said: ‘’The benefits of learning outdoors have never been so important or so urgently needed. The need to support schools and families take play and learning safely and effectively beyond the classroom has never been greater.’’

We a actively building programmes with schools that encompass social distancing protocols but maintianing sociability, that reduce transmission risk by being outside and but allow children to explore, adventure and learn.

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Mainstream School Programmes


Bring history to life outside the classroom on this day of discovery and intrigue. Learn authentic crafts and cooking, experience a historic way of life and take part in fun, physical activities like archery and hunting.

• Fire making • Bread making • Clay pot making • Use of wild plants(dying, cooking, cordage making) • Cave paintings • Charcoal making • Tracking... etc.


Starting at the beginning and working up to full competition orienteering we look at maps, discover the fun of running and navigating understanding keys and terrain and solving maths and puzzles.

• Pirate Maps • Clip it! • Star Course • Map jigsaws  • Score Course • Map Making • Team Tag


A fully hands-on and practical exploration day to see who we share the forest with. Get close to mini-beasts who live on land, in the air and in the water and find out how they adapt to the environment they live in.

• Pond dipping • Sweep netting • Tree beating • Searching under log piles • Mini-beast passports • Butterfly feeding stations • Pebble/felt creatures


The dream of every child (and most adults) to build a den in the woodland big enough to eat their lunch in!  This programme revolves around wood and your students will finish the day knowing the difference between green wood and dead wood, how and why the fire triangle works, where to find water in the woodland and some origins and uses of plants.

• Natural shelter building • Fire-lighting and cooking bread over their fire • Water collecting • Nettle string making • Making wood ‘cookies’


Reach beyond the classroom and allow your students to experience the forest within this programme.  This programme offers fun and engaging activities to develop team-building and problem-solving skills. Key concepts: physical education, personal development and spoken language

• Build a ballista • Cross a crocodile-infested swamp • Save a precious butterfly cocoon • Rescue a rare egg • Stay aboard a melting iceberg • Build a tower…. etc.


Who doesn't like splashing in the stream!  We do, but more so when we can learn whilst we do. This multidiscipline day involves literacy, maths, science, geography and history as we explore a mill, understand the terminology and the stories that rivers invoke, measure, test and record the river and see how and why it shaped the land and the people around it.

• Natural shelter building • Fire-lighting and cooking bread over their fire • Water collecting • Nettle string making • Making wood ‘cookies’


The basic day-long packages start from £150 

Larger groups or programmes start at £10ph

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