Stu Meese 

Stu is the founder and managing director of Black Dog Adventures.  Stu is a Leading Practioner with the Institute for Outdoor Learning (LPIOL) and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS) and has worked in Outdoor Education for over 20 years leading watersports, multi-activity, woodland and environmental centres.

He has a vast range of watersports, land-based and mountain sports qualifications and currently sits as the Chair of the Midlands region of the Institute of Outdoor Learning.

Stu has led many expeditions both in the UK and abroad and has delivered training courses and workshops at regional and national conferences and is part of the European Outdoor Education Network.

His real passion is working with people - outdoors.  He has developed programmes for many different groups of people including corporate, adult groups, pupil referral units and those with challenging behaviours, mental health issues, addiction, and mainstream educated students of all ages. 

The Environment

We are a team of people that place a high value on our natural environment. We believe that our mountains, trails, rivers and forests should be accessible to all people and that for many, their exposure to them promotes life chances, wellbeing, mental and physical health.

We believe that we need to take responsibility for our natural environment by using it wisely and with integrity. And we believe in being low impact - and giving back to the environments that we use for our enjoyment.

The Company

Do you prefer to spend your money buying from a business that has society and the environment at its heart?  We do. This is why Black Dog Adventures is set up as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C).

A C.I.C is a business that trades to tackle social issues, improve communities, people’s life chances, or the environment - a way of doing business that puts peoples wellbeing and the environments at the heart of what we do.

C.I.C's exist to make a difference to the communities where they work. They get their money through trade, just like a normal business, but the money they make is reinvested back into the communities where it is earned. So your course fees help support the costs of the programmes we run for putting back into the local community, working with those who don't have the same advantages as others and making good the environmental damage we do. 

C.I.C's can’t sell out to big business, so they can focus on making their communities better places to live and work. They often work alongside the community to design the services they provide, making sure that people’s needs are really met.